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Your community source for industry Exclusive advertising!

At Coffee News® NL, our mission is to strengthen our community by promoting small and medium-sized businesses.  Your community business NEEDS community coverage. By targeting the consumers most likely to use your product or service, Coffee News® NL empowers your business to implement consistent and repetitive advertising that yields results. Coffee News® NL manages to reach the highest concentration of potential customers of ANY media - for a fraction of the cost! Coffee News® NL is a weekly, double-sided, one page publication distributed  free of charge to local restaurants, coffee shops, cafeterias, hospitals, hotels and motels and anywhere else people enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting.

Coffee News® NL also provides an opportunity for charitable and non-profit organizations to announce events and PSAs, free of charge, in our What's Happening section.

Coffee News® NL is an entertaining, upbeat publication that provides patrons with a pleasant diversion while they wait. Coffee News® NL was designed as an alternative to traditional print advertising because it provides local businesses with an inexpensive, highly effective and highly visible outlet for their ads.

Everything in Coffee News® NL is fun, entertaining and positive - no bad news here! Filled with unusual news stories, jokes, trivia and amazing facts, it is a big breath of FRESH AIR to readers who are tired of hearing only the bad news.

Take a few moments to explore our site and read more about Coffee News® NL and its unique benefits to advertisers, restaurants and your local community.


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